Ditrex Africa 2020

Our first major event took place in Cameroon from October 1 to 8, 2020, the DITREX-AFRICA 2020 conference which focused on the IoT (Internet of Things) and 3D experiences that should help Africa growing its own production capacity, responsiveness, autonomy, competitiveness and sustainability.


Digital Transformation Industry 4.0 Day 2020 05th Oct. 2020, GICAM, Douala, Cameroon ” Implementing industry 4.0, succeeding in the digital transformation of your company and moving from reactivity to adaptability as a response to COVID-19 “.

International speakers presented
a wide range of topics.

As Host, Mr Kwam, member of GICAM executive board, presented his organisation and talked about industrialization problem in africa and issues.

Mr Manga, ALUCAM general manager, presented production processes in his company and highlighted the benefits digital transformation will bring to their business.

Mr Chapron, from Dassault Systèmes, talked about the 3D experience platform developed by Dassault, and presented some use cases implementing a digital twin.

Mr Dackam, Vice President at Mann and Hummel,talked about mastering the business challenges and adopting a culture of innovation and transformation

Mr Tchakoute, IT consultant at Avanade, presented some IoT and DevOps concepts as well as assessment use cases that could help industries taking advantage of digital transformation.

Professor Ndzie, from Performex, presented the digitalisation maturity level in Cameroon, where he pointed the fact that much of industries still have a lot of improvment to implement.