About Us

The Digital-Transformation Alliance is a global, non-profit organization of leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, institutions, communities, and passionate from global digital and technology-based business and economy, united by our vision of a vibrant inclusive and sustainable digital innovation economy that benefits all people.


Our purpose is a sustainable inclusive digital economy where everyone can access and master digital skills and tools to create and shape own future and thus achieving own visions and a better quality of life.


We realize this by connecting, sharing, disseminating, show casing, empowering, enabling and co-creating content, solutions and new opportunities. We advance excellence in education, research, and entrepreneurship to support the growth of high-impact industries, the creation of high-wage jobs, and inclusive economic prosperity.


Build a human-oriented strong network and a multilateral eco-system

Create innovation and co-creation spaces and platforms (e.g. incubations, labs, etc.)

Design training and coaching programs

Organize events, conferences, bootcamps

Support policy makers, conduct research, elaborate and establish standards

Engage in collabotaring activities abroad