Digital Transformation

The Digital-Transformation Alliance is a global, non-profit organization of leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, institutions, communities, and passionate from global digital and technology-based business and economy, united by our vision of a vibrant inclusive and sustainable digital innovation economy that benefits all people.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is neither a product nor a service, but rather a procedure for introducing intangible technologies into the activities of any organization. It has become essential for any company that wants to adapt to the changing work and consumption patterns. Digitalisation is the driving force behind an economy that is increasingly immaterial. It is not only the source of new products and services but also an opportunity to escape geographical constraints in the creation of economic added value and social well-being. Exploring the potential of digitisation for the benefit of engineering and industry, this is the main objective of DTA. The DTA and its partners want to put digital technology in the middle of scientific debates, and also contribute to the installation and promotion of infrastructures that enable the development and promotion of digitalisation tools and concepts.



... accessing and mastering digital, engineering and technology knowledge with a modern leadership is a key to enable people to shape own future and thus achieving their visions and a better quality of life.



... an inclusive and sustainable transformation of African societies based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by stimulating a real industrial, technological and digital revolution. Promote new skills and operational job profiles that meet the real needs of countries facing the 4th and 5th industrial revolution and build a source of high qualified human capital both for local economy and multinationals. Stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship through practical and multi-sectorial exchanges at a very high level.



... a human-centered strong network and a multilateral eco-system, and engage in collaborating activities abroad Organize events, conferences, bootcamps to connect, share, demonstrate, show case, and disseminate Create innovation and co-creation spaces and platforms (e.g. incubations, labs, etc.) to foster and promote innovation, education, entrepreneurship, pioneering and startup Spirit. Support policy makers, write reports & trends, conduct research, elaborate and establish standards to facilitate the development and transformation towards digitally sounded infrastructures and platforms

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